Cameron Mitchell Brings Jewish Comfort Food to the Short North

The salmon certainly was smoky and complimented the rich Hollandaise sauce very well. The challah was fluffy and fresh, the schmaltz potatoes (Jewish home fries) were salty and hot and the caviar added a nice contrasts in both color and texture. This entree was the best new item I have ordered of a CMR menu in a very long time and if you are a fan of Hollandaise and/or smoked salmon, you would be well served by ordering the same.

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James becomes Saul

Hi there! This 614Now.Com entry combines Better Call Saul, southwestern alt rock legends Calexico, Moscow Mules (in a fancy copper cup) and a DIY Fried Chicken Taco Salad. I am not ready to say Better Call Saul is the equal of Breaking Bad, but by the end of this season I could certainly change my […]

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The North Remembers

I love the North End of Columbus and am proud of the fact that I lived in Clinton Estates for seven years. In fact, I consider the North End my Castle Black. Residents are friendly, neighbors pull up each others trash cans and the neighborhoods still have a familial vibe. Unfortunately, while living there, it […]

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‘Goonies Never Say Die’

Hello there and welcome back! This is the third and final entry detailing our June trip to the Pacific Northwest. This entry mainly pertains to Oregon and the incredible scenery and nature we observed. Put on some Sleater – Kinney and let’s get started! SEATTLE TO PORTLAND Seeing this sign was definitely a good omen […]

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