YELLOWJACKETS Camp? Satire? Incredibly fun thriller sprinkled with a supernatural element and set to the biggest radio hits from my high school and undergrad years? If you are Showtime’s newest hit series Yellowjackets, the answer to all of those question is yes, please and thank you. Set in two timelines, 1996 and 2021, Yellowjackets tells […]


Landscapers and Lucy Dacus

Landscapers The whole is less than the sum of its parts. Or something like that, which is the feeling I took away after recently finishing the HBO’s limited series Landscapers. The true crime series stars Olivia Colman (Fleabag, The Crown) and David Thewlis (Harry Potter franchise) as Susan and Christopher Edwards; spouses convicted of the […]

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2021 Favorites

Hey All! Here is a list of some of my favorite shows, movies, and albums from 2021. Being a parent, Covid worries, and work got in the way of watching, listening, and reviewing new releases (I haven’t even seen Ghostbusters Afterlife yet!), but I plan to change that in 2022. I hope you and your […]

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No Sudden Move, the latest film from director Steven Soderbergh, is an old fashioned train heist Western hiding in the plain sight of mid-century Detroit. However in this adaptation, horses are American-made cars, the loot is automobile blueprints, and banks are automakers. Featuring an ensemble cast and focusing on two low-level criminals (Don Cheadle and […]


To Bluey on Father’s Day

Bluey is high culture and I will fight anyone who says differently. Well, I take that back. If I were to choose to fight, I am sure that somewhere in the Bluey universe is a lesson about how we can all make a difference by choosing love over violence. And I am sure that through […]

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The Little Things and Our Friend

Hi there and welcome back! It’s been almost nine months since my last entry. Being stuck at home with a beautiful and healthy baby girl in the midst of a global pandemic, you would think that I would have cranked out more posts than ever before. If you thought that, you probably don’t have a […]

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Brockmire Swings For The Fences and Jason Isbell Drives Down Memory Lane

Brockmire, the IFC original comedy starring Hank Azaria, recently ended its four season run, and what a series it should have been. For those unfamiliar, Azaria (The Simpsons, Heat, The Birdcage), plays the titular character Jim Brockmire, a booze swilling, drug consuming, and sex addicted Major League Baseball announcer (and later Commissioner) whose road to […]

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