Gender and Class in Westeros

Season 8 Episode 4 is in the books (well, not literally) and even though the Night King has been vanquished, gender and class still play a role in Game of Thrones. GoT has always been about class struggle and if prolific author Charles Dickens, whose works almost always centered around class, was born when Star Trek was on […]

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What’s Past is Prologue

The most interesting and substantial conflict in Game of Thrones is over. That’s right, the Night King is no more and the army of the dead has been defeated. We all assumed this day would happen and now that it has, the most interesting part of the story is over. With wrapping up the central […]

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  January 10, 1999, was a day that SHOULD NOT have lived in cultural infamy. On that day, nearly all things culture were pretty forgettable. Aside from salacious post-impeachment gossip, 1999 was posed to be a yawner. The top box office hit was A Civil Action, a law drama starring John Travolta and Robert Duvall. This acclaimed, […]