To Bluey on Father’s Day

Bluey is high culture and I will fight anyone who says differently. Well, I take that back. If I were to choose to fight, I am sure that somewhere in the Bluey universe is a lesson about how we can all make a difference by choosing love over violence. And I am sure that through […]

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The Little Things and Our Friend

Hi there and welcome back! It’s been almost nine months since my last entry. Being stuck at home with a beautiful and healthy baby girl in the midst of a global pandemic, you would think that I would have cranked out more posts than ever before. If you thought that, you probably don’t have a […]

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Brockmire Swings For The Fences and Jason Isbell Drives Down Memory Lane

Brockmire, the IFC original comedy starring Hank Azaria, recently ended its four season run, and what a series it should have been. For those unfamiliar, Azaria (The Simpsons, Heat, The Birdcage), plays the titular character Jim Brockmire, a booze swilling, drug consuming, and sex addicted Major League Baseball announcer (and later Commissioner) whose road to […]

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Currently there are two viruses that everyone in America has been exposed to: COVID – 19 and Joe Exotic. Exotic, the star of the Netflix shockumentary Tiger King, is a drug addled, gun toting, narcissistic polygamist who becomes entangled in a murder for hire plot. Oh yeah … his side hustle is being the proprietor […]



Hi there and welcome back. I hope everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing! What a mess this all is. With this entry, I am providing you with some television and musical avenues to help keep you sane and pass the time. Let’s get started. You  Quite simply, You is Dexter on White Claw. […]


Rubino’s Pizza

Hey Everyone – Sorry for the long time between entries. Between prepping for a baby and taking some continuing education classes, I have been super busy. Here is a link to a recent story I contributed to the 614 Media Group. Enjoy and as always, thanks for reading! Columbus Classics: Rubino’s Pizza

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