Now THAT is how you set a table. During the most recent episode of Succession, entitled Honeymoon States, the family honeymoon is over, and is replaced by a good old fashioned middle school game of dodgeball. The only differences are that this game is not played in grimy gym, but a Manhattan penthouse and that middle schoolers, the rottenest people on earth, are not nearly as rotten as the Roy family.

As we dissect which family members are on which team, let’s start with Shiv and my prediction from last week; Shiv is in as a mother, but out as a family managing partner. How is that for a slice of irony?

Jumping at their fist opportunity to do so, Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Keiran Culkin) dropped Shiv faster than a pair of Uncle Mo’s pants on a Cruise Ship.

And how did this happen? Because of a gloriously ambiguous statement in Logan’s will indicating (maybe not) that Kendall should lead Waystar in the event of his death. After an episode and a half, the uneasy triumvirate power sharing agreement between Kendall, Shiv, and Roman is over. Which makes sense because siblings fight over a lot less than a few BILLION dollars.

I mean, a few summers back, my sister and I didn’t talk for months due to a misunderstanding concerning beach towels. Well, that never really happened because I don’t like the beach, but rest assured, beach towels have torn someone’s family apart.

As Succession barrels towards its conclusion, there is no shortage of tantalizing story lines to follow. Will Shiv, feeling ousted by her brothers, allow Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), the father of her child, back into her life as she vies for the championship? How long until Roman and Kendall try and take the other out? Is potential buyer of Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgard) in purchasing Waystar after his perceived slight? The last six episodes, if even half as good as the first four, should have a lot of twists, turns, and turmoil.

Because a billion dollars can buy a lot of beach towels.


  • ‘Well then, you may want to put down that fish taco. You’re getting your melancholy everywhere’. Damn, Gerri.
  • Speaking of Gerri, in the kitchen scene where Logan’s lieutenants take down Tom, her hair is styled differently because Gerri can literally and figuratively let her hair down now that Logan is gone.
  • Who else wants to see Frank and Karl battle to the death?
  • ‘Well, it sure as shit doesn’t say Shiv’. The fact that Kendall would say something like that in public signals how hungry is for the job and also that he isn’t ready for it.
  • ‘Kerry is shopping at Target. Forever.’ Marcia with the kill shot.
  • Is Roman’s kindness towards Kerry an attempt to get information or is his character genuinely becoming more kind?
  • I hope Shiv’s fall is more symbolic than literal as she is carrying precious cargo.
  • The scene between Kendall and Stewie is touching, funny, and humorous, and perhaps one of the better scenes in the history of the show.


ELIMINATED FROM CONTENTION: Kerry Castellabate – I hope she enjoyed her taxi ride back to the nearest subway stop so she could go back to her tiny apartment and grieve in peace.

SUPER WILD CARD: Marcia Roy – It seems that Logan’s estranged wife, at least according to her, wasn’t so estranged. It also seems that Marcia doesn’t want to take over Waystar, but just wants her payout, evident by selling the apartment she shared with Logan, on the spot, to Connor.

WILD CARD: Tom Wamsgans – Relegated to the Wild Card slot, Tom is out of allies, both personal and professional. In a season full of The Godfather vibes, Kendall telling Tom ‘I always liked you. Good luck’ is reminiscent of Michael turning his back on Fredo.

#5: Gerri Kellman – Dropping a spot from last week, Gerri remains smarter than both Frank and Karl (maybe combined), and in possession of Roman’s dick pics, the capital of which is incalculable.

#4: Shiv Roy – Down two spots this week, her father’s death, combined with Kendall and Roman freezing her out, PLUS just finding out she is pregnant, have understandably left Shiv a little frazzled.

#3: Roman Roy – Up two spots from the previous week, Roman’s ‘stability’ as COO can only help him with investors and the board. I am rooting for this kinder are more vulnerable version of Roman, but much like the photos on Gerri’s phone, money and power will probably make it disappear.

#2: Kendall Roy – In from the cold and thanks ONLY to Frank’s honesty, probably to a fault, pertaining to Logan’s will, Kendall finds himself in a top tiered position. Frank’s wisdom (or cunning) may prove prescient when telling Ken, ‘You seem to be doing so well. Are you sure you want back in?’

#1: Lukas Mattson – The Gojo owner and CEO still has more money, power, and influence than anyone with ties to Waystar Royco.

Except for Gerri. Put some respect on her name.

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