A Holiday Guide to Columbus’ North End: Where to HIDE From Your Family.

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Welcome to Part Three of the Holiday Guide! This entry is going to give you four North End destinations to escape the holiday stress and recharge your batteries. With only a week left until Christmas, I hope this guide finds you well and full of Holiday Cheer! Lets get started!


Opened in its current incarnation in 2002, The Cultural Hub of the Midwest was, and continues to be, a trailblazer in the Ohio craft beer scene. BOB’S has received national publicity for their incredible beer selection, which as you can tell by the photo below contains almost 50 craft handles.

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Low key, dimly lit and manned by a feiendly and knowledgeable staff, BOB’S is the perfect weekday afternoon hideaway. It is the ideal spot to shoot some pool, peruse the jukebox and marvel at the most wonderful piece of local art in the greater Columbus area.

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I told you. This painting is bascially the Mona Lisa of North Columbus.

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For those unfamiliar with Beechwold, it is the area that lies between Clintonville and Worthington. However, I feel like BOB’S is firmly entrenched in Clintonville culture and claimed as such.

FYI, A Target store is located nearby at Graceland Shopping Center. Go get those last minite gifts and then grab a draft!

Happy Hour: 2-8 PM. $1 off most drafts.

Food Options: BOB’S doesn’t have a kitchen, but Pita Hut is next door and offers some of the best gyros and fries in town.

Speaking of Beechwold….

Villa Nova Ristorante

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Established in 1978, this Beechwold institution is claimed by Clintonvillians and Worthingtonites both.

The Villa is split into two portions: family dining in the south and boozing in the north. Guess which side we are going to focus on?

Dimly lit with no windows (I mean that in a good way), the bar is full of regulars and is likely to be at least half filled any day after 2 PM. Bartenders Judy, James, Casey, Sarah and Amanda are fun, friendly and talented and anchor one of the best crews in town.

My go to order is a Happy Hour 32 oz Miller Lite draft ($3.50) with a side of popcorn.

Hiding Edited-5267

If you are fighting North Columbus Holiday rush hour, stop in and have ONE of these drafts and wait out the traffic. You will get a great value for your money and might even make a friend.

Just don’t talk to me. I am hiding.

Happy Hour:

Monday 4pm-9pm
Tuesday-Friday 4pm-7pm

$1.75 12oz. Domestic Drafts & Bottles
$4.50 32oz. Domestic Drafts
$3.50 12oz. Craft Drafts
$7.00 32oz. Craft Drafts
$3.25 Well Cocktails

Food Options: Even if Villa offers a full menu that specializes in Italian Cuisine, you should try the Boom Boom wings or the Taco Pizza.

India Oak Grill

IMG_5285 - Copy

Hidden behind a United Dairy Farmers at the intersection of Indianola and Oakland Park, India Oak boasts the coldest beers and best subs in Clintonville, is housed in a former car wash and is perhaps the most local of the bars mentioned in this entry.

Another dimly lit gem, India Oak is a great hideaway if you are shopping for a gift in the Clintonville’s boutique scene or just need a moment alone (before it starts filling up at 4 PM) to adjust your shopping list while drinking an ICE cold draft.

India Oak also hosts local musicians on Friday and Saturday nights and can get pretty wild towards closing time.

Happy Hour: 

Monday-Friday from 3 pm-7 pm.

$3 and up Craft Imports

$2 Select Domestic Bottles

$1 off Draft

$3 Wells

Food Options:

Try the famous Italian Sub from a small but comfort filled menu.



If you want to be hidden and stay hidden, this is the place for you.

Opened in downtown Worthington on New Year’s Eve of 2012, The POB is a sort of clubhouse for the late night local crowd. Hard to find, it’s title pulls no punches as it is literally a pub in back of the downtown Worthington business district.

To be clear, this is not an insult. At the POB, you get what you pay for and no punches are pulled. There is a small draft selection with both domestic and craft choices as well as medium and top shelf liquor. A small front room houses the bar and television sets and is perfect for sneaking out and watching the game, regardless of sport or season.

IMG_5278 - Copy

This sign in the front bar should give you an idea of what I am talking about:


In the back of POB, there is a larger room with televisions and shuffleboard, This back room is a popular destination for Holiday Parties, Birthday Parties and other adult occasions.

If you aren’t from or don’t live in Worthington, odds are that you are not familiar with this place. If you need a few moments away from your bratty kids over Winter Break, this is the place for you.

Be warned, POB doesn’t open until 4 PM.

HAPPY HOUR: Discounted drinks from 4-7, M-F.

FOOD OPTIONS: Delivery, delivery, delivery. I recommend the chicken, bacon and tomato masterpiece from Worthington Pizza Primo. If you have eaten at Studio 35, you are familiar with Pizza Primo’s work.

So there you have it, a few places to hide from your loving family, you jerk. We all understand if you need a break, just don’t stay away for too long and get into an It’s A Wonderful Life situation. I’m no Clarence and I can’t really be of any help in that department.

As always, thanks for reading and please subscribe and comment!

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