A Holiday Guide To Columbus’ North End: ‘Where To Shop For Your Family, Where To Eat With Your Family & Where To Hide From Your Family’.

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Happy Holidays! Thanks for sticking with me through this crazy journey and for reading the 614now.com entry. For the foreseeable future, the pairing of a meal, drink, album and streaming television show will be run through their site, but don’t worry…you will still have access to my self-important, semi-accurate ramblings simply by reading this blog. I really do appreciate your support! Okay, let’s get started!

Wow, the Holidays are here. In fact, Christmas is in two weeks! In honor of America’s TRUE religion (consumerism), I am going to give you a blue print of where to spend money you don’t have, eat calories you don’t need and drink the alcohol you DO need to get yourself through another holiday season.

This entry, ‘A Holiday Guide to Columbus’ North End: Where to Shop for Your Family, Where to Eat With Your Family and Where to Hide From Your Family‘ will pertain to the following neighborhoods, The Old North, Clintonville (and my old neighborhood just east of the freeway) and Worthington and will be split into three separate sub-entries.

This sub-entry will focus on where to shop for your family. These businesses are locally owned and operated, take care of their customers and are staffed with friendly and knowledgeable employees who have worked in their respective fields for years. It should be noted that I am not making a dime from this, but any of the owners are welcome to buy me a beer if they should, by chance, happen to randomly run into me in public (Ravari 4-7 pm every other Thursday).

Okay, let’s get into the Holiday spirit and accrue some debt!



Worthington Jewelers is a staple of the Worthington Small Business Community, is active in the community at large and has been serving Columbus since 2000. Owners Bob and Teresa Capace take care of their customers and offer a wide array of unique jewelry and services (cleaning, inspections, appraisals, etc).

If you have a spouse who enjoys jewelry and you don’t want to pay more than you have budgeted or are worried about paying too much, Worthington Jewelers is the place for you. No scams, no pressure sales and frankly, no bullshit.

Plus, you don’t want to go to Jared for two reasons:

  1. The name Jared carries not one, but two awful contemporary connotations.
  2. The mall is awful.



Looking for a quirky, fun and fairly priced record for the audiophile in your life? Look no further than Lost Weekend Records. The owner Kyle has an encyclopedic knowledge base and literally eats, sleeps and lives vinyl (rumor has it that he lives upstairs). Kyle also is the most down to earth and nicest record store owner on the planet and would never berate you for your musical choices, unlike this jerk.

Lost Weekend also hosts live music (don’ miss the annual Hootenanny), an annual Labor Day Weekend record swap and is a pillar of the local music scene. Simply put, supporting Lost Weekend supports the local arts. Win-Win.

Two more Lost Weekend perks are the dedicated parking lot and is the close walking distance to many Old North/Clintonville bars where you can drink up the courage to buy those 180 gram gatefold Pavement reissues that you have been eyeing lately (hint, hint Megan).

elm & iron



At first glance, elm & iron may seem more at home in the Short North than Clintonville, but upon entering, you realize the location is perfect. Hip, chic and contemporary, elm & iron offers a wide selection of local, handcrafted and artisanal home accessories.

I will translate for all of my bachelor buddies: This is where you can buy nice stuff to help your significant other decorate their house.

If you know someone who would enjoy wine bottles that have been re-purposed as candles, couch pillows that are stitched with the names of local neighborhoods or pet pop art, this is the place for you.



Located in the heart of downtown Worthington, House Wine has been slinging wine and craft beer for 10 years. Donnie, Jim and company are knowledgeable, helpful and (mostly) friendly and are happy to help you pick out a gift for the wine novice or wine expert on your list.

House Wine also serves wine and beer on premise and has Mimosas and Bloody Marys during the spring and summer Saturday morning Worthington Farmers Market. My advice – hit up a food truck during the farmers market and take your meal back to House Wine and enjoy it with a drink on their patio.

Growlers are also available to be purchased and/or filled.

Boomerang Room Vintage


Searching for a gift for the Mad Men fan in your life? Do you want your apartment to look like Don and Megan Draper’s Central Park abode? If so, The Boomerang Room (Clintonville) is the place for you.

Couches, kitchen tables, credenzas and other assorted furniture and chotchkies live here and are waiting for a good home. Is retro-chic a thing? If so, I think that would be an accurate description.

Records Per Minuterpm

TECHNICALLY located in the University District (just North of Hudson Street), RPM has high-end turntables and receivers that have been restored and is equipped to handle all of your other vinyl needs, while arguably hosting the best record selection in town.

Owner/operator Steve has been in the record business for years and offers high quality products at a fair price. If you have weekday off, stop at Jack & Benny’s and order the best pancakes in town and then treat yourself to a new record. You deserve it after a rough Holiday Season!

Alright, there you have it…some great spots for the great people in your life. Shop local and as always, thanks for reading!

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